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Drummer Raja Meissner plays Nirvana

Talented Raja Meissner is famous for her great drum cover videos on Instagram and Youtube. In this video she shows that she is not only an amazing metal drummer but can also play grunge like she is from Seattle.

Nirvana was the band that began the grunge revolution in music, introducing a whole new sound to popular culture. Led by iconic frontman Kurt Cobain and drummer Dave Grohl, Nirvana brought punk-inspired sounds into the public consciousness and changed music forever. The band’s 1991 hit single “Smells Like Teen Spirit” became an anthem for a generation and a beacon of hope for anyone who felt like they didn’t fit in or were misunderstood. But what does it mean when we say Nirvana smells like team spirit?

When you think of team spirit, you might think of unity and working together to achieve something great – which is exactly what Nirvana was about. From their earliest days playing Seattle’s underground club scene, Cobain and Grohl worked together in harmony to create something truly unique.