Vinnie Colaiuta Plays His Restored 90’s Gretsch Kit

Vinnie Colaiuta is an American drummer known for his work in jazz fusion, rock, and pop music. He is regarded as one of the most versatile and technically skilled drummers of his generation, and has worked with a wide range of artists including Frank Zappa, Sting, Jeff Beck, and Joni Mitchell. Colaiuta is known for his ability to play in a variety of musical styles and his use of intricate rhythms and complex drum patterns.

Vinnie Colaiuta is known to use drumkits from various manufacturers, including Ludwig, Sonor, and Yamaha. He has also used custom drumkits made to his specifications. The specific drumkit he uses can vary depending on the project he is working on, but he is often seen playing kits with a mix of sizes and configurations, including large bass drums, toms, and snare drums, along with cymbals from various brands.

In this video Colaiuta is playing his 90’s Gretsch kit with Paiste cymbals.